WindRING - Silent Toxic Energy Replacement with a Fuel Cost of ZERO
Non-Polluting Gasoline Engine - Energy from Gasoline Without Pollution
Rocket Powered Desalinization 
- Clean Water Without Collateral Pollution 
TornadoTURTLE - Protective Housing Automatically Closing in Natural Disasters 
Water Powered Ships - Ship Pollution Obsoleted by Efficiency of ZERO Fuel Cost
CO2 Greenhouses - True CLEAN Coal with Oxygen and Organic Produce
RoboRIG - Clean, Silent, Fast, Safe, Profitable, Oil Drilling with No Human Error
- Fly Anywhere on Earth Within 2 Hours Without Pollution
HydroJET - Hydro Power Without a Dam for Low Cost Clean Energy
World's Fastest Sailboat - Boat Pollution Obsoleted with Sailing Speed

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